The First Draft

Rereading many of my past blog entries, I note that many are poorly written. They do not flow very well. And there are many unconnected ideas smashed together.

This may be because they are the first draft. I published the blog without editing. Writing straight to publish is the only way I knew.

Recently, I have watched an interview on the nerdwriter (omg only 1,000 views. Maybe in future it will have a million?!):

In the interview, nerdwriter says that one of the things that have helped him understand himself is writing.

The idea is that, by writing, you are converting your brain's cloud of thoughts into concrete reality. And it's this articulation of thoughts, that's the true genius.

Nerdwriter says that there's this weird state we all have- we're operating on old memories, on things we've read, but haven't retained. As soon as we start transferring that whole messy, cloudy, misty, area of knowledge, into explicit knowledge, you're going to start seeing a lot more in yourself.

This idea hit me hard. It made me realise that by writing I can establish thoughts into reality. I can put my airy musings of the day into tangible words. 

The first draft I write is more articulated than my thoughts (which are 'nothing'). But the first draft is still a cloudy mess. By editing my thoughts, I am revisiting my past self, smoothening the rough concrete laid previously.

Therefore, for future. I will try to edit my writing for posting!

This will lead to a higher quality, and more organised thought!