Week 30: Vlog begins!

I'm so excited!

I had an experiment during the week on monday night. I couldn't sleep and so I thought about making a vlog. It excited me so much I jumped out of bed and begun scrawling ideas on paper.


Video 1 is where I try get experience creating videos. Just wanted to try something easy to get the ball rolling. Just wanted to begin.

"Just post something. Get started." etc.

Video 2 is scripted. I know in future I want to explain things. In this video I try do so.

I don't think Video 2 was very successful. But it was a great learning process. I learnt the essentials of after effects while creating it.

Video 3 is a reaction to Video 2. Instead of trying to formalise and create content- I take a back seat. I talk to the camera, and edit my thoughts into a video. I feel it reads much clearer than video 2.

This is today.

A vlog on vlogs.

Looks like these vlogs are being defined as a public learning process on how to vlog :)