Week 4: Stronger heart, shifting times

Looking ahead

Looking ahead

Last night I met a graduate from computer science. It was the first time I had ever met someone from the 'programming background'. Hearing her talk about the industry got me excited. Every day I am leaning more towards the programming path.

Versus a palimpsest profession of art or design, programming exists through a series of logic. I feel as though it is more grounded in reality and is more easily adaptable for a wider public. The use of art is almost streamlined in comparison to the visions that can be realised through programming. The tech industry is hot for a reason right now. Websites and apps reach the world. They can help people connect to learn and be more productive. Why wouldn't I want to learn this profession?

This week's log is short. Essentially it is simply one night's worth.



"In JavaScript, when the + operator is used with a String value, it is called the concatenation operator. " - http://www.freecodecamp.com/challenges/concatenating-strings-with-plus-operator

Strings (Helloooo, world, etc...), Integers (2, 3, 5...), and Floating Point Numbers (1.01, 16.04, 23.05...), are types of data.

(javascript) The function "+=" adds the following statement to the original.

(javascript) Javascript starts counting at 0. This is called "Zero-based" indexing.

(javascript) In Javascript, String values are immutable. They cannot be altered once created.

Camelcase = first letter is uncapitalised, each subsequent word is. forExampleThisStringIsCamelcased.