You'll never be satisfied: The Journey of Taste

week 42-48

week 42-48

My taste has evolved through time. When I was a child I thought ACDC's TNT was a great song.

I still think it's a great song. However, when I was younger I only had two songs available to me. Now I have more... And while ACDC's TNT is still a great song, my palette has greatly widened. 



If something looks really cool and exciting to me, it doesn't necessarily mean it looks cool and exciting to you.

As we get older we learn more about the world. When we understand the 'how' of a creation, we can better appreciate it. 

I've recently watched Adam Neely's bass video on taste. 

At 0:49 he recalls:

When I was first starting out, I thought Linkin Park was the edgiest... most hardcore... music ever...

On the topic of taste he then elaborates how he has grown:

I don’t think that quite so much anymore

Adam Neely in this section shows how his previous taste has changed through time. Linkin Park is no longer the most hardcore music in his palette. Adam's taste has changed through time.

To which I think this idea of ever changing taste in relevant in my own life.

The closer I get to a goal, the more likely that the goal will have changed.

In breakdance I remember wanting so badly to learn how to windmill. I thought "If only I could windmill I would be satisfied".

This was the exact video I saw. 

I craved it.

I needed to be able to windmill.

So I practiced hard.

And a year later I could finally do windmills.

But a few months before having the move down, I could already 'see the light'. I could see the path I was on, and knew I could windmill soon. 

And at that very point where I knew my goal was already in my grasp, it wasn't as enticing as before.

The windmill looked like a golden shard from afar. But up close I saw it as painted plastic. 

And in the distance, I saw something shinier. 

My taste had evolved.

I was no longer satisfied with the windmill.

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How has your taste evolved? I'm super curious :)
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