Week 12: A task a week?

This week I finished a random quote generator. I had been working on it since last week.

I did one task in a week. That's pretty slow progress. ugh. The art courses I'm currently enrolled in are stealing my time.

At this rate I could probably still finish FCC's front end dev curriculum by the end of the year. I had estimated I could finish it all before the end of my art semester (which finishes in three weeks). Instead I'm trekking along much slower than I thought I would.

I'm uncertain as to if I'll be able to finish a task this week. I'll still try. But we'll find out in the next blog post.

On writing:
I read my last blog post. It is terribly written. I'll need to go back and edit all my posts sometime. I need to remember these blog posts are public. Therefore, I should not ramble and write as though it is an online diary.

It is good I am now aware that I am a terrible writer on the first pass. Now I can learn to edit my own writing.