Week 13: Nil



This week was heavy. No programming got done. In fact I saw someone else programming, and while I thought it was cool, an idea hit me.

I don’t need to learn every skill
— me on friday

I don't need to learn every skill. Why should I pick up every profession to an indepth level? Instead I should find other people. Perhaps if I had a good programmer contact I could trust, I'd vicariously see the positives. Then I'd feel much more satisfied with the way things are. I wouldn't need to do it all myself.

Furthermore, I could focus on my own skillsets and be a greater asset to others. At the end of the day I want to work in a team. In a team everyone helps each other move the cart. As independent as I am, I don't need to carry a wagon by myself.

So programming...?

What is my relationship with you now?

TBC next week.

Week 12: A task a week?

This week I finished a random quote generator. I had been working on it since last week.

I did one task in a week. That's pretty slow progress. ugh. The art courses I'm currently enrolled in are stealing my time.

At this rate I could probably still finish FCC's front end dev curriculum by the end of the year. I had estimated I could finish it all before the end of my art semester (which finishes in three weeks). Instead I'm trekking along much slower than I thought I would.

I'm uncertain as to if I'll be able to finish a task this week. I'll still try. But we'll find out in the next blog post.

On writing:
I read my last blog post. It is terribly written. I'll need to go back and edit all my posts sometime. I need to remember these blog posts are public. Therefore, I should not ramble and write as though it is an online diary.

It is good I am now aware that I am a terrible writer on the first pass. Now I can learn to edit my own writing.


Week 10: I'm alive.

I'm watching time pass before me

I'm watching time pass before me

In terms of coding I've made it to the intermediate section of FCC. A random quote generator... It's pretty interesting. I've got the barebones down for the project. However I want to have the site and layout formatted nicely. To do so I need to understand jQuery in relation to HTML more. So that's definitely what will be happening this week.

I'm also usingthe dreaded console window (cmd). At this moment I'm following a tutorial on cmd, for how to use it with github. It's nothing special or necessarily hard. But I thought I'd write it down so I can more accurately see where I was in this point of time.

I've also started re-posting on medium.com. I figured i'd throttle them out, and slowly build up to where I am. The medium posts will make my internet presence wider.

Additionally I've added a new component to this website. The "Blog Index". My blog is getting too many posts to simply scroll down for everything. To remedy this I've included a "Blog Index" page. The page will archive all my posts in an organised fashion.



Week 9: Goal! Basic Algorithm Scripting Done!

Starting this post earlier because I'm so excited that I finished the Basic Algorithm Scripting course at freeCodeCamp.com
Trial by bonfire! Completed!

#Online Community

#Online Community

In addition I've also just completed the Basic Front End Development Projects from FCC too!
Good week. Good progress.

Furthermore, I've had good progress in music and art this week! In music/trumpet I've realised I've been accidentally releasing air out from the sides of my mouth. Upon amending this my air is much more efficient. For art I'm learning to draw slower, and revise my work for an overall illustration. Good hustle this week Mark!

Week 8: Confidence

Whoosh. Growing!

Whoosh. Growing!

This week I admit it. I didn't do a single programming task. I was enveloped in art. I now have a stronger ideal of art, but programming was shoved under the carpet.

It's okay I didn't do any programming. It made me understand the path of art better. At the end of the day it makes my skillset more round. I will forever know how to draw better. I think drawing, and these ideals of beauty and life grow exponentially.

But now after exploring art. I'm satisfied. And I'm more confident than ever in my pursuit of programming. It gives me a sense of confidence I've never had this year.

I've grown. Great.


Week 7: Priorities and Overscheduling

I can't do everything. Can I still do programming?

I can't do everything. Can I still do programming?

The start of the week was good. I was consistently busting out challenges faster than the time allocated. I was blazing through the schedule. I feel like I am truly understanding javascript. Then it hit me...

Why am I doing this?

Why am I doing algorithm scripting? Why am I learning javascript? Why am I doing this? Is this truly what I want?

The path I'm on seems like it leads to web development. Do I want to be a web developer? I'm not sure...

However, one of the quickest ways I know to determine whether a career path is right for me, is to shadow those who have gone before me. I need to find a web dev that has gone through my path, and see if their work is suited for me.

Week 6: Routine.

Consistency through routine

Consistency through routine

Well it's week 6 now. Nothing was outstanding about this week. I'm okay with the progress.

I'm quite comfortable writing javascript now. It feels like it comes out much more naturally. I'm becoming used to the syntax. The reference websites are bookmarked. Everything I need to write is there.

I'm apparently doing 'interview level' javascript questions now. That's good. It'll come in handy. The path I'm following is http://freecodecamp.com 's algorithm scripting. I've done [7/17] challenges. By the end of this semester in art, I want to have achieved a front end development certificate :) Wish me luck!

Week 1 (aka Day 7)

Still in the canyon!

Still in the canyon!

And so a week has passed...

Coding is great. I’m doing it daily.

However compared to last post, I am no longer learning to make games with Java. I’ve decided that I’m going to start with something ‘easier’ and ‘more relevant’ to the idea of getting work asap. Understanding everything is greater than copying code. I had just been copying code learning Java.

I’ve just found Free Code Camp (FCC) and think the program and creators are super amazing. So amazing- that I’m determined to follow their track and learn whatever they have to offer. So far it has been great. I have just finished their HTML and CSS course. Here is a link to my profile: http://www.freecodecamp.com/volaix


I truly believe that to move along long term in a skill it’s best to learn with others.

“In Africa we having a saying, ‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” — Robin Jones Gunn, Coming Attractions

The FCC community is great! I’ve asked for help quite a few times in their chatrooms, and always get immediate response. I feel like I’ve already made friends in the community. It’s very motivating and I’m sure it’ll help me long term.

Some cool definitions learned this week:

Object-Oriented Programming (OOP): Where you program with a focus on objects. Software objects are often used to model real world objects.  (https://docs.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/java/concepts/)

data modeling: A process used to define and analyse data. Data modeling is the process of learning about data. A data model is the result of the process (e.g. a flowchart). (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Data_modeling)

Software Architect: A software expert who makes design choices and sets technical standards. It'd be hilarious if I became a Software Architect, you know, having a Master in Architecture and all. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Software_architect)

Chief Architect: Apparently the Chief Architect is the leading expert of all the Software Architects. If I have a master in architecture. Can I be called master... chief? Masterchief? (Halo reference) (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Software_architect)

HTTP: Hypertext Transfer Protocol. Text based. Application layer protocol. Doesn't transmit data. Clients and servers exchange messages with a "request-resposne" system. HTTP is the common language. (https://medium.freecodecamp.com/how-the-web-works-part-iii-http-rest-e61bc50fa0a#.17l9gao54)

Angular 2 vs React: Angular is a framework, React is a library. With react you pull other libraries to build an app. With Angular you get more "premade" options out of the box, which helps to get started more quickly. (https://medium.freecodecamp.com/angular-2-versus-react-there-will-be-blood-66595faafd51#.gpr4ydjti)

jQuery: A small and fast Javascript library. (https://jquery.com/)

machine learning: Subfield of computer science, study of pattern recognition, and computational learning theory in AI. E.G. when you google "apple", google will know you're looking for the fruit and not the computers. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Machine_learning)

(HTML Tool) Using # in anchor links makes pseudo links

AARRR: Acquisition, Activatin, Retention, Revenue, Referral. A startup metrics model developed by Dave Mcclure. Used as a framework to understand and optimise businesses. (http://startitup.co/guides/374/aarrr-startup-metrics)

Hexdecimals. Wow. I've used hexdecimals for over 10 years. I've never once considered what they meant. Hex = 6. Decimals = 0.9 etc. Hexdecimals = combination of 6 letters A-F (6 'movements' of letters), and numbers. Hexdecimals work with RGB. The first two digits represent red, second two represent green, last two represent blue. #000000 = black #FFFFFF = white. F = highest value. 0 = lowest value. White is a mixture of all the colours in RGB. Black is the absence of colour. This probably sounds like nonsense to someone reading this, so I'll just have a link out explaining: http://www.bbc.co.uk/education/guides/zp73wmn/revision

Till next week!