Why I think documenting life is important

Anchors of memory

We experience so many things in our day to day. 

While in the present, experiences may seem average, or 'normal'.

The 'you' in 5 years time, may not remember all the details like you'd want to.

There seems to be an outcry against taking photos of your life, with the reasoning being "You're not living in the moment." 

Damon Brown, borrows the term "anchors of memory" from Paul Philleo. He writes:

If you picture all the experiences in our lifetimes as drops in the ocean, anchors of memory are those manmade landmarks reminding us that something of note is located there.
— Damon Brown

I think documenting your life is great. The photos that you take do not replace reality. Instead they add to your memory in future. The photo of you and your friends eating, isn't replacing the memory. Instead it reminds your mind of the meal you shared.

'Till next time