Week 25: Simplification

Lately I've been thinking that good picture making is about being simple.

Perhaps it is due to the way we perceive the world.

The Big Picture writes:
"Let’s start with a simple yet somewhat counterintuitive truth: we don’t see the world as it is, we see the world as it is useful for us (from an evolutionary perspective).

Our brain works like a filter lens. It filters reality in such a way that makes us aware of certain elements around us that are useful to us (for our survival generally or in a particular situation) and unaware of other elements that are less useful.

This means that our brain does not work like a camcorder – it does not passively receive sensory information. Rather, it dynamically shapes what we perceive with our senses through the lens of evolutionary biology – for our survival, generally – and through the lens of cognition (memories, emotions, judgements, intentions) contextually." [source]

We understand the world through a lens. We don't take in all sensory information. Instead we only track what is important.

If we try show everything within a visual medium- will the viewer be able to understand? It would not reflect the way we view our everyday lives. The artist wishes to convey a visual idea to the viewer. Therefore when presenting work, or image making, should we not be as focused as possible? When image making, should we not simplify reality for the user to easily digest what we are saying?

If the artist wants others to understand their vision, they must be able to simplify the idea so others can understand.

Till next time!