Circle of Fifths

The Circle of Fifths is an chart in music that rotates around the notes in fifths.

It is an important diagram that musicians can use, as it can help them know how notes relate to each other.

If I had infinite time I would learn and better understand the circle of fifths from the following tutorial:

Michael New concisely explains uses for the circle of fifths.
-Introduction to how it's made
-Mnemonics for memorising its order
-Finding the sharps and flats for each key
+ more

I'm pushing art, so unfortunately I cannot memorise it at this time.

But I think it's a great idea, and so I will post it to share the knowledge.

Maybe in future I can revisit this post for myself. Then I can learn it myself and become a better musician.


Week 10: I'm alive.

I'm watching time pass before me

I'm watching time pass before me

In terms of coding I've made it to the intermediate section of FCC. A random quote generator... It's pretty interesting. I've got the barebones down for the project. However I want to have the site and layout formatted nicely. To do so I need to understand jQuery in relation to HTML more. So that's definitely what will be happening this week.

I'm also usingthe dreaded console window (cmd). At this moment I'm following a tutorial on cmd, for how to use it with github. It's nothing special or necessarily hard. But I thought I'd write it down so I can more accurately see where I was in this point of time.

I've also started re-posting on I figured i'd throttle them out, and slowly build up to where I am. The medium posts will make my internet presence wider.

Additionally I've added a new component to this website. The "Blog Index". My blog is getting too many posts to simply scroll down for everything. To remedy this I've included a "Blog Index" page. The page will archive all my posts in an organised fashion.