Week 5: Frustrated Paths. Coding bootcamp? Solo bootcamp?

What do I have so far...?

What do I have so far...?

What am I doing with my life...? Lately I've been looking into coding bootcamps. At first I felt the hype, and seriously considered them. They seem to be 10-18k usd, churn out a high rate of junior dev ready graduates, and cite their fresh grad jobs to earn over 100k. It sounds too good to be true... It probably is.

I have a year to work things out. Can I learn enough by myself? Hmm it's doubtful. To truly and consistently grow, we need a community. Communities facilitate growth through consistency, motivation, and helping hands. Without it, I'm likely to lose sight of an end goal, and wander without direction.

But what if I involve myself with programmers in the area? They could show me the ropes. They could be my community. Many might even already be working in the industry and give me invaluable feedback. That would open up many possibilities.

Coding bootcamp vs Solo bootcamp. I am deciding.

Weekly Notes:

Finished javascript on free code camp. It took a very long time. I probably spent more hours this week than any other week learning to code. Much was learnt. Hopefully less was forgotten. Currently moving into object-orientated and functional programming now.