Week 22: Huion 680S Review concept art

if you request i'll take my own photo.. Sorry ya'll.

if you request i'll take my own photo.. Sorry ya'll.

I lied. This isn't a review. However there's a lack of information online for this subject, so I thought I'd write a small contribution for the internet.

The Huion 8 x 6 Inches Digital Graphic Drawing Tablet.

This is my first Huion product. Overall I think it's amazing. I've had it for one week and have used it twice. I currently main a 13HD Cintiq as my go to. I've bought the HUION 680S as a 'portable tablet' as the Cintiq is a pain to bring around (The Cintiq requires me to bring power cables).

Originally I would like to do a video walkthrough of the tablet, however I will probably never get around to it. Therefore I may aswell post something small and get it done now.

Quick thoughts on the Huion 680S:

  1. It's amazing.
  2. Never going to buy a intuos again. Intuos is a waste of cash. (This is an exaggeration)
  3. Drivers were a pain in the arse.

I primarily use the HUION 680S for concept art.

I think the Huion 680s is amazing. The feel of the pen is great. The pen nib it comes with actually compresses into the shaft. Therefore when drawing you can feel a difference with different pen sensitivities.

(Note that the pen uses a AAA battery. There is an on and off button [where the eraser on a wacom pen would be])

I prefer it more to my old wacom intuos 4. This may be huge bias from price. With the intuos i'm careful. WIth the huion I can slap it around and be happy.

End. 4/5 stars. (Minus 1 star for driver issues. Pain in the arse to setup and troubleshoot.)

If you have any questions about the Huion 680S you can comment or send me an email at hi@markdt.design

'Till next time!

[edit 22nd July: Huion is still amazing. However, sometimes pen pressure doesn't work. So heads up!]