Managing the present vs future habits


I'm finding it incredibly hard to write.

I'm just wanting to invest more time into concept art. And in doing so, it takes away from being able to get into the headspace where I can concentrate on writing.

At the moment, all I can think about is how I want to of had more work done. Since currently, the work allocated to me isn't yet complete, it becomes hard to justify that I should continue writing anything on the blog.

However, the mind space I'm in is a tunnel. I'm very aware that I'm only looking at a single leaf in the forest. In the grander scheme of things, spending a short amount of time each day to practice articulating my thoughts through word, is a very good habit. Whereas, spending this small amount of time focusing extra on concept art, will change little.

When you look at the leaf, you miss the tree. When you look at the tree, you miss the forest. When you look at the forest, you miss the leaf.

'Gotta keep changing perspectives!

I hope I continue writing!