Week 14: It's decided. Art.

Shiftily gazing to the future

Shiftily gazing to the future

This is the third week I haven't done any programming.

When I look at my old code I think "ugh. Do I have to look through all of this text?".

When I'm older- do I still want to code review thousands of lines of text? I mean even if it is my own work, the code is done in the spur of the moment. It's a hassle to look through everything. It's complex information.

Complex information that may be phased out within the next 50 years.

Will we still be coding in the same fashion as we are in the far future? For sure we will be coding, but the way in which it will be done will be different.

Having to learn new languages within the programming world used to excited me.

But now.

It's just a constant reminder that I'm consistently having to learn new methods, because the old methods are rendered obsolete.

Time is limited... Do I really want to knowingly learn obsolete methods in the now?

I like longevity. 

And art principles are more firmly grounded in ideas.

While I will always be learning new techniques in art as technology progresses, it's different to programming.

In art, nobody will shame you if you're still painting on canvas. A practice that is hundreds of years old.

In programming many of the older languages are dead or dying. Or if they are useful- they're within fields I do not have the greatest of interests in.

Furthermore, I've met really cool and smart people in art who like what they do.

I haven't yet met anyone cool and smart in programming who I really gelled with.

So yeah.


And with that I'm changing the name of this blog category from "Programming Journey" to "Art Journey".

I'll now focus on art and try improve specifically within the concept art field.

I hope this works out well lol.

Please wish me luck!

-Mark David Teo. Artist.

P.S. On writing styles I've been spacing out paragraphs more for an easier read. On re-read it works. The ideas flow easier and make more sense. However, I feel that there is the cost of a less dense text. Though paragraphs convey their ideas within the single lines they are shallow. They do not have backing.

I should learn to use a mixture of both the dense paragraph, and also the short skinny one. Using both will immensely help me with my writing.

I'm happy I started this website/blog. I had only ever written academically and doing so put me within a set framework. Single line paragraphs are off limits. But with this blog I'm able to write however I want. It's great.