Tutorial: CAD Tutorial, Simplifying Splines

This is a tutorial for autocad on how to turn crazy offset spline lines into manageable pieces.

A neat trick I've found recently in autocad is the 'CVREBUILD' command.

After using the offset command on a spline object, I find that the new spline object has too many control points. AutoCAD when making the new object cannot offset 'nicely' a curve with few control points. Instead it matches the original curve exactly using a large amount of control points. This increase in control points makes the new object more difficult to edit.

To manage this, one can use the 'CVREBUILD' command. It will not create a replicate curve, but if you are looking to edit the offset curve it can be handy. A note that I personally type 'REBUILD' instead of 'CRVEBUILD' as it makes more sense to me. Look below for the step by step:

Step 0

Be frustrated with the amount of control points in the new object, and know it will be a headache to change the new curve.






Step 1

Type in 'REBUILD'







Step 2

Enter in a reasonable amount of points for your curve. In this case 10.






Step 3

Enter in a reasonable amount (1-5) at the degree property I usually leave it at 3. Then click okay.







Step 4

Done! Perfect! Enjoy a more friendly spline curve!







And that ends the tutorial. Tadaa! Amazing Congrats!