Remembering Dreams and Goals

larger than self

"What were your old dreams?"

Haha. Dreams.

Those were good times.

Today I woke up, worked for 2 hours, and spent most of the day with a stuffed animal resting on my chest as I lay on a couch and snoozed.

Currently, I'm staying in Kuching, Malaysia. Working remote as a programmer for a company based in the USA. There's not much work needed to be done, and it's extremely chill.

I feel as though I have absolutely 0 responsibilities or cares. 

Friends and food are both always within arms reach. 

I used to dream about travelling the world and being 'free' with just my laptop. And now I am.

But it feels so normal. I didn't win. I didn't necessarily feel like I achieved anything.

But usually, that's what life feels like anyway, right?