Video Essay Critique

Today I released a new video essay!

I was pretty proud of this one when I finished editing! It seemed to be better than all my other vlogs. I had actually taken more time to go through and care about the outcome- contrasting to how I normally would "just want to upload already".

However, on rewatch I have a few pointers for myself. They are things that you notice after the adrenaline of posting has faded. Before posting you are blind to facets of your own creation. You have already invested so much time into something, that the only way you can see is forward. So when you can finally rewatch objectively without the pressures of posting behind you, you'll see your video in a new light. The following are two aspects that I have noted:

1. Have less cuts between shots. Memorise more of the script.

2. Speech needs to be more organic. Perhaps talking faster will solve this.

I'll try it for next time! We'll see how it goes! :)