Week 28: Line + Value + Colour ≠ Everything

I thought it'd be an easy, three step process to learn art. When I first started learning art, it seemed so simple.

Line refers to drawing lines in perspective. If you learnt 'line' you could draw any object.

Value refers to the way light reacts to objects. If you learnt 'value' you could greyscale render any object.

Colour refers to the colour objects and scenes are. If you learnt 'colour' you could light any object.

I thought with these three things you could theoretically paint anything in the world. Draw an object, and light it. You'd easily then become an amazing concept artist.

The idea was along the lines of this:
Step 1: Line
Step 2: Value
Step 3: Colour

However reality hit.

Experience and new knowledge has been acquired since those beginner days.

Line is related to value, and value is related to colour. The image as a whole is a combination of all these things. You can draw with value. Paint with lines. And describe 'value' shifts with colour.

Art is not as fundamentally straight forward or fragmented as the outlined 3 step process.

It is obvious now, but it appears as though everything is connected in ways that I did not previously understand.

While the 3 step method outlined above does make sense- it completely negates how to learn line/value/colour.

For example, 'value' mastery is gained when you control it in a composition. It is not knowing how to render every object in greyscale.

An image is a picture making process. Therefore the whole picture must be considered. Composition and structure become important. There needs to be a simplification of the scene. Knowing how to fully render all materials is only a skillset. The structure of the full image will fall apart without an overall value structure. I now believe that knowing greyscale is not just being able to render any object to completion. It's how to indicate forms/mass within a decided structure. The larger total image is the first and foremost priority.

Till next time'