Week 26: Architecture and Games

Skybridge, by Daniel Dociu

...if Dociu’s buildings and landscapes are spaces that tens of thousands of people have experienced – far more than will ever experience whatever new home is featured in starchitects’ renderings cut and pasted from blog to blog this week – then surely they, too, should be subject to architectural discussion?
— Geoff Manaugh, 2008

One reason I've begun studying concept art is due to its effect on me growing up.

Living in suburbia, I was never much exposed to the city life. The grand buildings in architecture magazines were irrelevant. The way the city functions was a mystery I had no desire to understand.

Instead, the more important gesture was the spaces in which people can interact.

I grew up playing video games. In an MMORPG, thousands routinely witness the same space. They interact within the game, playing, and enjoying themselves. The greatest space for interaction was not in the realities of architecture- it was online.

Therefore it makes sense that I want to contribute to the interactions of the virtual realm.


Geoffrey Ernault made this VR environment last night. Damn. I would like to do that too.


Anyway- 'till next time!