Week 24: Learning in non-accredited schools versus university


Learning is nicer when you choose to learn.

I currently attend two 'trade schools'. Brainstorm School, and Concept Design Academy. Both of which teach art. I define them as 'trade schools' as you go to learn a trade. Unlike regular colleges or other institutions, there are no certificates for completion. At both Brainstorm and CDA, there are no degrees or diplomas. The reward is expertise in the student's skill.

At a university there is always pressure to finish an assignment. There's a task to be completed. And it must be completed to receive a passing grade. You are enrolled to pass exams and receive a certificate. The greater the grade, the shinier the certificate.

At Brainstorm and CDA, there are no penalties for not completing an assignment. There are no formal exams. in these trade schools I am in, learning is the fundamental goal. If the student does not complete their work- nobody cares. It's the student's choice entirely to do homework.

I feel that this mentality is better than academia. Within academia the grade comes first, and learning is an afterthought. Would you rather score 90, learn little, or 49 and learn alot? From my experience, it's a no brainer within academia. Take the 90.

I always work towards my future learning and benefit. Therefore I am learning much more in the trade school. With the removal of grades or expectations, I feel freer in my learning process. There is no pressure to complete 'busy work'. Instead I choose my own assignments that I think will give me greatest value for time. Time can be customised per situation.

I study at any institution I think I will learn the most. I choose the amount of work that I do. There are no guidelines for my curriculum. Gosh. I hope my Frankensteined education will work out. We'll find out for sure by Week 100!

Till' then, one week at a time.