Week 21: Standing desk.

makeshift standing desk

makeshift standing desk

Two days ago I decided I wanted to try a standing table. Instead of 'investing' $1,000 I thought it'd be a better idea to use old furniture lying around.

The result is me using a dresser, cardboard box, and giant drawing clipper, to create a working standing table.

So far it feels pretty good! I'm changing my posture often. I'm stretching left and right. I'm curling in my spine inwards and out. Protruding and contracting my chest. etc.

The biggest benefit however, feels like its on my trapezius.

location of trapezius [ source ]

location of trapezius [source]

I usually have tight traps, but standing all day feels like it's bringing it down and relaxing it.

This may be placebo. We'll see how I go in the coming weeks/months.

P.S. I also updated last week's post. Week 20: Ideas on Writing and Drawing

'Till next time!


[edit: The standing table lasted less than a week. My feet hurt and I was getting discouraged/distracted from drawing due to being uncomfortable.]