Week 16: I got sick! But still happy!

The world a lil' blurry right now

The world a lil' blurry right now

Hey I got sick!

Usually I'd be pretty sad because I have so much 'work' to do. But I feel good anyway!

It's the end of term. I have no commitments. I can do as I please! :)

Life's pretty good at the moment for me actually. I'm learning skills. I'm going at a fast pace. And I'm going completely at my own pace.  I have enough time to learn. I have enough time to 'play' (Learn breakdance, or music). There's balance. Life is good.

On art:

I'm currently doing Jama's narrative/storytelling course on learnsquared. It's great. I'm learning to design and see in 'shape' rather than 'line'/perspective. By doing so I feel as though my drawings are becoming more confident.

In addition I'm also taking Sam Neilson's lighting for concept art course on Schoolism. It's tangible and awesome.

Till next week!