Recording Yourself: Blogging vs Vlogging

Weeks 35-41: Mediums of Expression

Lately I've noticed that the way I record my thoughts is different depending on the medium I use.

It's an obvious notion. When I talk to the camera for a vlog, I am in a different head-space to when I'm writing in my blog. The way I record memories via vlogging, makes me think about the present. What is the shot, and how am I showing it? How will I condense this reality into a few short minutes of footage?

Contrastingly, when writing a blog, it's more of a constructional and analytical process. The blog had been aimed to be written weekly. I would carefully assess the week as a whole and expand on a single idea I had previously written down.

It's very interesting to me how both the blog and vlog give value to my life in terms of recording where I am in that point of time.

But which is more accurate?

A rational person may try determine the most accurate way to record their memories. A vlog? A blog? A journal? Photos? "But which is more accurate?" They might ask.

It's hard to measure which is the most successful. The vlog gives 'hard evidence' of what happens. You'll see past videos of yourself, what you really looked like.

On the other side of the spectrum, the journal can be airy and emotional. When rereading you'll remember how you felt. You can attach photo snippets, drawings, and video (if your journal is electronic). The journal will read raw, and unedited. Most people don't plan to ever show their journal to others.

The disadvantage of the journal lies in the effort required to maintain it. Without any public forum- there is no third party source to motivate your writing. In my case anyway, without publicity I feel unmotivated to write daily journal updates.

The blog on the other hand is a pure public construction of words. There is no 'raw' text that you must put down. You're not writing about the daily life (Atleast I don't). And there is no life footage from the day you must work with. All ideas can be made and twisted. And the publicity of a blog may influence you to bend reality as far away as you can from the truth.

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People have gained fluency in different languages and skills. I speak English pretty well, but struggle with conversation in Italian.

I think the same idea applies to blogging, vlogging, writing in the journal, taking photos, composing a song each day, etc.

Any creative medium is a craft. How well it reflects your human condition is dependent on how fluent you are in the skill.

And nobody is born speaking perfectly.

Till next time!
-Mark David Teo


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P.S. Huge hiatus on the blog. I have made 30 videos on youtube since those weeks before. It almost feels like I've always made vlogs. Crazy.

P.P.S. I 'graduated' on youtube and stopped writing "Vlog X" before each video. I think I've levelled up to the stage where I'm confident enough not to hide behind the title of "vlog" in each video.

P.P.P.S. This 'graduation' on youtube titles has influenced the removal of "Week X" in the titles of the blog. I hope it won't be missed.