Heyyo! I'm Mark David Teo. Originally this website was created to hold tutorials that I wish I had known while still a student of architecture. 

I have grown fond of having my own website. I would recommend you make one too.

Keep your website self indulgent. Future you will love you more for it.

Anyway, this main page is me writing my own auto biography

I hope you enjoy the site as much as I do (lol). If you have any comments or would like to contact me, please email at hi AT

Note: If you really like this stuff, we should get in contact. If I like your stuff too we should work together! :D

About Mark David Teo

From Perth, Western Australia. Studied in Australia, Switzerland, and Los Angeles. Worked in Australia, Kuching (Malaysia), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Hollywood, and Zambia. Worked through* (aka remote) in Dubai, Bali.

Lived my identity as an Architect, Exchange Student, Construction Worker, Game Creator, #2 Gunz (Gladiator) player in Australia, Run multiple discord servers, Programmer, Travelling Breakdancer, Youtuber, Sketcher in Cafes, Digital Artist, World Builder, Virtual Urban Designer, Drummer in a rock band.

Experienced in Architectural Design, Cities/Urban Design (Real Life), Video Game Cities (Masters of Architecture Specialisation), Virtuality Philosophy, VR experiences (Masters Thesis), Concept Design, Drawing, Painting, Design Fundamentals (Art as a career), Breakdance (Started dance beginning of College), Flips (Gymnastics every Tuesday), Swing Dance, Trumpet, Drums, Ukulele, Bass, Music Theory, Composition, Australian Immigration, Talking to people, Company Motivation/Direction (Education Startup Director, Diploma in Business), and now Programming (Just genuine love). 

Life is pretty fun when you're able to express yourself and play in a variety of ways. Specialisation is cool. But I find learning a plethora of skills works for me. Each to their own!


In primary school, when others were talented at painting, dancing, and music- what were your skills?

Did you hide in academia? 

I did.

But I also loved fantasy video games.

Hardmode was the only mode.

Then the virtual world bled into my reality. 

I kept wanting to live life on hard mode.

No longer could I let the arts be great abstruse mysteries. 

So I spent a decade or so doing 'arts' for the sake strengthening my weakest link.

Now my weakest link is one of my strongest. And I can maintain and increase it's level relatively easily.

Great decision.

On some skills

My formative years surrounded me with Music. Childhood was great. I've since rekindled my love for music by composing music and playing Bass and Trumpet in a Video Game Band based in Perth.

Architecture is romantically an expression of humankind. So, I did a masters in architecture. It's a pity the reality of the architecture profession is not romantic. It's unending hours, low financial compensation, and building codes adherence. The magic seems to only live in academia and virtual spaces- aka video games.

While the architecture student thing happened, I thought a better use of my time would be to learn to Breakdance. It's great to learn a skill. Would recommend. Whenever you get a move, its success becomes proof that you can do anything. However, thinking I was immortal I ended up destroying my wrist and had to take a few years break. It sucked, and showed me how important exercise was for the brain. Today, I make a point to exercise daily and my body and mind love me for it.

To be able to visually create anything you think of is a pretty neat skill huh? Welcome to Concept Art. I studied in LA learning from the best in the industry, whilst socialising with the amazing 'next gens'. So happy to know many great artists as friends. You can find some of my work here.

I had always been interested in Programming but thought I was 'too old' to learn. At 23, I left my education company as sole director, to self learn programming. I knew the lifestyle of a programmer could be amazing. I self taught myself programming and was hired 3 months after full time study. It has now led to me working as a front-end engineer at an amazing company with good pay and a great team. Solving programming puzzles all day with friends is the best daily life I know so far. 


Soft Skills
2D Skills
3D Programs
Leadership Photoshop (13+ years)
3D Coat Premiere (4+ Years)
Simplify Workflows
InDesign (4+ years)
Keyshot HTML/CSS/Bootstrap/jQuery
Define Direction
Illustrator Unreal Engine 4 Adobe Captivate
Identify Bottlenecks
Drawing/Sketching Rhino (3+ years) Mixamo

Digital Painting
Grasshopper Adobe Audition
CAD based software Rhynamo Camtasia
Revit (2+ Years)
Sketchup (5+ years)

[table last updated July 2016]

If you would like to get in contact, send an email through at or fill out the contact form here.

Personal Projects

I am super happy.

Location: Currently residing in Perth, Western Australia


Education: Master in Architecture, University of Western Australia. (2015)

Bachelor in Environmental Design, University of Western Australia. (2013)

Diploma of Management, AIWT. (2015)

Exchange, Master in Architecture, Accademia di architettura Mendrisio, Switzerland (2014)

Concept Design Academy. Concept Art Courses, Los Angeles (2016)

Brainstorm School. Concept Art Courses, Los Angeles (2016)

Learnsquared. Concept Art Courses. (2016)

Schoolism. Concept Art Courses. (2016)

Concept Graphics Master Academy. Concept Art Courses. (2013-2015)

freeCodeCamp. Full Stack Programming. (2016)

Most Valuable Education:

Academic Essays: The Urban Architecture of Los Angeles and Grand Theft Auto

The Blurring Edge between Game Design and Architecture, 

Game Design and Architecture Through Technology and Space.

Work: My Linkedin

Volunteer: Blogging and Outreach, TedXLA, (2016)

Travel Writer, Postscript (2015)

Guest Dancer, Street Culture Zambia, (2015)

Hands-on construction misc tasks, Community centre in Nairobi, Kenya. (uncompleted building) (2013)

Sales Assistant, Red Cross (2012)

Unimentor, UWA (2012)

I have taught Breakdancing to Swiss kids in the south of Switzerland using only Italian.

I have Breakdanced on stage with the creator of hiphop, Afrika Bambaataa

I have chiselled/sculpted rocks for construction in a sandy Nairobi slum made of tin houses, Kenya.

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